Friday, 6 April 2012


Improving the Randwick Grove entrance could help stop anti social motor bike users getting onto the recreation ground

The proposed upgrade of the Aldridge Recreation Ground needed for improved safety and access has been put on hold.
Many residents using or living near this recreation ground will be disappointed that for no genuine reason by the Current Council Administration apparently at the whim of one person???
This will mean not improving the only path across the recreation ground and sorting out the mud, puddles and the uneven surface. This will be detrimental to all those who use it for example as a short cut from Shady Lane to the Great Barr Schools/ Leisure Centre or to the young children's play area.
Residents and users of the Recreation Ground will also have to put up with the noise and the anti social antics of those using the recreation ground to ride their motor bikes in, as simple barriers at some of the entrances will not be put in place. It will only be a matter of time until someone is injured by one of the motor bike users.

Residents and users of the recreation ground will be frustrated that their long time requests have been delayed for trivial reasons even though the parks department, the Police and 2 Local Councillors have agreed action is needed and the fact funding is available.
Please be assured I will be continuing whether during or after the Local elections to make sure this issue not dropped.

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