Wednesday, 11 April 2012


There have been a number of incidents of residents abandoning Terrapin into lakes in parks and reserves in Birmingham over the last few years. There have been a number of sightings in Powell's pool and other lakes in Sutton Park for example. ( The Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve are monitoring the lake in the reserves for any evidence of Terrapin activity.)
This is an act of anti social behavior which needs to stop which cost we tax payers money as reports of sitings have to be investigated by Park Rangers and the Environmental Agency for example.
While there is as yet no firm evidence that these Terrapins are damaging the levels of fish number in lakes across Birmingham the situation is being monitored just in case.
The very cold winters which can kill off Terrapins are now quite rare and it also cruel to abandon Terrapins in the Cities lakes and pools where there is also other smaller wild life to consider.
If you do want to get rid of a Terrapin ask the RSPCA for advice.

If you have any comments on this issue please let me no and i will ensure the authorities are made aware of them.

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