Saturday, 14 April 2012


A new lampost going in and an old one coming out near Cotleigh Grove.

It is nice to see so may streets in Oscott having new lampposts. Streets like Ashworth Road Beasley Grove, Blakeland Road,Blenhiem Way, Cotleigh Grove, Darleydale Avenue and many more.

Amey having been funded by the Council and indirectly the previous government are starting to make real inroads with regards to upgrading the street lighting in Oscott.

The Oscott Councillors and Local residents have all been campaigning for better street lights in Oscott for many years and it is good to see action is well underway.

I will continue to press however for the work to be done correctly and with the minimum disruption to local residents.
For example I am constantly requesting that the barriers being used to protect the lamps when they are being erected, should be taken away as soon as the work is finished.

If you do have any issues with the way the new street lighting work is being done please contact me and I will ensure Amey get to hear of it.

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