Thursday, 28 February 2008


Sandwell Council now pay for damaged headstones which need repairing following testing for health and safety reasons yet the Birmingham City Council Bereavement services do not. One would think whilst we in Birmingham may have more cemeteries we also have a far bigger rate paying public so why can our council not do the same?
This is a question I have put to the Council leader amongst others. I will Post the response I get.
In the meantime I have also asked that the Bereavement Services attend a Perry Barr Constituency meeting in the future.
If you have an interest in Witton Cemetery why not join the Friends of Witton Cemetery ring 464 1869 or 360 6486 for details.


The now traditional Oscott Have Your Say Day is an opportunity for residents to let their Oscott Councillors and Officers from the Birmingham City Council know, what they think about what is happening in the Oscott area. It is also a golden opportunity for members of the community young and old to have their say in regards to what they think should be done in the area.

In years gone by such issues as where to locate highly successful underground bottle banks, where new street lighting is most urgently needed and how to improve youth facilities have been put forward by residents.Through the have your say events and it is hoped more views will be put forward again on Saturday.

Local Community Groups and Schools have also been asked to take part and many will be issuing Oscott Have you say post cards during the week prior to the Have Your Say Day, these cards can be sent to the Constituency office to be considered as part of the Oscott Ward Development plan.

There will also be balloons and other goodies available for children on the day and there will be a number of information leaflets on all sorts of topics available for adults. There will also be an opportunity to learn about what Local Community Groups are up to in the area and to join them if you so wish.

The display unit will be located on the Kingstanding Circle during the morning and on the Hawthorn Road near Woolworth’s during the afternoon so please come along.

If you cannot make it on Saturday 8th please let me have your views 360 6486 and I will pass them on.


At today’s Planning Committee (28th Feb) yet another controversial Planning development for the Oscott area has been approved. 24 houses are now to be erected on the Aldridge Road near the Valley Nursing home.
Planning officers gave this planning application the thumbs up even though as pointed out by committee members children will be expected to live in the fume filled shadow of the nearby motorway. Also as Councillor Cotton has pointed out on more than one occasion the entrance to this development is close to the Boars Head junction accident black spot.
Given the comments made by the planning officer, the committee felt fit to pass this application. However there will be some money coming out of this development which will go to enhancing open areas in the Oscott ward.
You may rest assured despite this planning application being given the go ahead along with my colleagues Councillors Barbara Dring and John Cotton I will be keeping a watching brief on the matter.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008


The next tree planting session for the Queslett Nature Reserve will be Sat 22nd March at 10am. Those interested are to meet at the Ashworth Road entrance of the Queslett Nature Reserve.
For further details please ring 3606486.


It would appear at long last the Birmingham City Councils Transportation department are ready to move forward with proposals for improving the Queslett Road / Nova Court Junction. Now guess what the Sandwell Authorities Transportation department seem to have caught the Birmingham Councils dithering decease and can not yet approve any proposals.
It seems to me the longer these authorities pass the buck and keep dithering regarding the introducing of urgently needed road safety schemes the more chance there is for a serious accident to happen. This is simply not good enough and I will continue to try and get some one to take responsibility.


At last the trees in Burnham Road, Warren Hill Road and Tresham Road have been pruned.
Despite unnecessary delays in the case of Tresham Road the work has now been completed and I have already had a number of residents contact me to thank me for my efforts in trying to get the Current Council Conservative Administration Tree pruning section to get this work done.
More trees in the area need pruning but due to the Council reducing the previous 2 years NRF funding they will have to wait. The Oscott Councillors will continue however to try and get more funding to have trees pruned in the Oscott area as soon as possible, despite what appears to be the cuts in the funding that Oscott has had to suffer.

Monday, 25 February 2008


The recent tree planting session at the Queslett nature Reserve went very well. Over 200 shrubs were planted by Member of the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve and other volunteers. Most of these shrubs were planted near the Booths Lane Border with the aim of eventually forming a solid hedge there to encourage wildlife.
As Chair of the F.O.Q.N.R I was very pleased to see a number of youngsters come along to help out. I would also like to thank Nigel Quinn, Debby Parsons and Mike Trevor for there hard work helping to organise the event. In fact I would like to thank every one who took part.
It is now hoped a similar event will take place next month (March?) If you may be interested in helping out please ring me on 360 6486.

Friday, 22 February 2008


A number of concerned parents with children attending the Kingsland Junior and Infant School have asked me to present a petition on their behalf calling for the installation of a Pedestrian Crossing on Bandywood Road near their school.
I am more than pleased to do this as it backs up the campaign for road safety on Bandywood Road which is being so ably led by my colleague Councillor John Cotton.
Now that the Kingsland School has a new main entrance facing the Bandywood Road, lets hope this campaign pays off and the Current Council administrations Transportation department decide to take action before an accident happens. It is time the Council took road safety in the Oscott area seriously.


I just can not see how British Gas or the other power providing utilities can justify huge increases in profits while many pensioners are dithering with cold because of the price of fuel.
I have passed on my views and similar ones from a number of Oscott residents to Khalid Mahmood MP for Perry Barr who has agreed to take up this issue at a national level.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


While many of the measures the Transportation department are looking to put in place re the Aldridge Road, road safety scheme will be welcome the proposal to move the bus shelter in Dyas Road will not be and this is why I was so keen to see the Transportaion department put the scheme out for consultation with the public. Lets hope they will see sense and listen to the Oscott Councillors and residents.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


At long last the current Council Administration has acknowledged action is needed to stop accidents occurring on the Aldridge Road. According to their own statistics there have been 50 recordable accidents (injuries) between Booths Lane and Shady Lane in a 2 year period.

The Transportation department now intend introducing a series of Central pedestrian refuges on this stretch of road and also to introduce hatch markings and yellow lines.
I have asked that residents be given the opportunity to comment on these proposals but welcome them as a positive first step in the right direction.
However along with Councillor's John Cotton and Barbara Dring as well as a number of local community groups I will be continuing to press the Transportation department to look at the whole of the Aldridge road, especially the Greenholm Road junction, with an aim to introducing more badly needed road safety measures.


There will be a tree planting session on the Queslett Nature Reserve on Saturday 23rd February at 10.00am. The Friends of the Queslett nature reserve and local residents will be meeting at the Booths Lane entrance and the work should be completed by dinnertime. If you are interest in helping please come along.

It is hoped that by planting hedging along the Booths Lane boundary the worse the effects on the wild life which will occur due to the development of the near by open land, will be relieved, although the unwanted development will in my opinion effect the local wild life in a detrimental way.

If you have a genuine interest in the local environment and in helping wild life in the area in a practical way, why not join the friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve?. For more details please ring 464 1869.