Thursday, 26 August 2010


To put the record straight this is a reply I received a few weeks ago from the Birmingham City Council Transportation Department to a request for information by myself, about the Queslett Road.

"We now have approval to carry out the work to widen the exit from Queslett Road towards Nova Court, as we agreed at the site meeting earlier this year. Sandwell Council will be carrying out the work on our behalf, at the same time as they resurface their side of the dual carriageway, using the Section 278 money from the St Margaret's development.
Sandwell Council are currently completing the detailed design drawings. We believe that they intend to carry out the work during October, possibly targeting the half-term week to reduce delays to traffic. I will let you know once we have a definite date."

When I get the date I will post it on here the sooner the better given how long Local residents and I have been requesting action. It is a shame it this work has not already been done.


A local football team are looking for new local players aged between 7 and 11. Beacon Star Football Club have a number of teams and if you would like to have a go training is available. Matches and training take place on the Glenmead Playing Field, Glenmead Road, Great Barr.
If you are interested ring 078 351 644 87 for more information.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Tonight there has been yet another car accident on the Queslett Road resulting in the need for the emergency services to attend. Two cars have been involved in an accident about 6.30pm tonight at this accident black spot. (remember the Amberline car ?)
Once again the accident was on the Sandwell side of the dual carriage way near the motorway bridge next to the Nova Court Junction.
Birmingham and Sandwell Transportation Engineers have had meetings with local councillors including myself earlier this year and agreed to improve the Queslett Road at this point. This was followed by the Sandwell Council installing a speed indicator sign (later removed as it was not visible enough?) and the introduction instead of poorly displayed drive safely signs.
Sandwell and Birmingham need to do something urgently on this stretch of the Queslett and fulfilling their promises would be a good start.
Over the years they have promised new sets of Traffic lights, curb improvement, new signs and so on. Despite numerous request for action by local Councillors they have not carried out these promises. It appears they are too busy passing the buck.
I will continue to work with Local Councillors from any party and Local community leaders like Bob Wild and Maureen Byrne to try and get something done.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


Councillor Barbara Dring checking on the skate boards centres progress

The skate Board centre in Perry Barr Park near the border with Oscott has been a major success. All summer long this facility which Councillor Barabara Dring championed , has attracted dozens of youngsters. These youngster many of whom would have played on the street if they did not have the skate board Centre, have really took to this facility.
There has been a lot of litter and graffiti as a result but the Parks department tell me they are monitoring the situation and litter is picked up daily and offensive graffiti is being dealt with.
All in all this centre has been a great success.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


There has been an issue regarding overgrown conifer trees on the area of land between the Cot Leigh Grove estate and the new development off Kings Road. Concerns over the years many concerns have been expressed regarding the safety of the trees and their impact on the adjoining retaining wall, which in parts has had to be braced by timber supports for years.

This area of land is believed to be a works access route used by the former commercial occupants of the site, but has not been incorporated into the new ‘Wimpey’ development. Both Councillor Barbara Dring and I have had extensive enquiries made regarding ownership and responsibility for this land and no firm conclusion has been made from these investigations.

However I am pleased to see that it has now been determined that, in the absence of a responsible owner being identified, the conifers should be removed in an effort to protect the integrity of the retaining wall, by the Birmingham City Council Housing department.
Consequently an order has been placed to commence the necessary works to take out all the trees along the ‘access route’ and the appointed contractors advise us that the job should be completed by the second week in October 2010.
Having been in constant touch with residents and the Housing department for many years about this matter and given part of the wall is in a damaged and dangerous state this can not come soon enough for me


The Birmingham Play Care Network Open Access Scheme is working well in Oscott. The Scheme located on Burford Road playings field for 2 weeks From August 16th attracted 50 youngsters to it yesterday
The aim of the scheme which runs from 10am to 4 pm it to encourage local youngsters to get off the street and to come and play in a safe environment. Staff looking after the youngster help devise traditional games and use the open space available. On the basis of what I saw yesterday fun was being had by all.
Although the scheme is working very well it is a shame that the container used to store equipment has been located so close to the boundary of the field and there have been some complaints about parking problems. I would ask anyone dropping off youngsters to take care how they park. For more details please ring.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


When I write my blog I do try and be fair and with that in mind I would like to thank Councillor Timothy Huxtable (Conservative) the Cabinet member for amongst other things Street Services. He is one person you know who will respond to you when you inform him about a troublesome case. You may not like his answer but that is another matter?

I have recently received an email from Councillor Huxtable regarding his looking again at the problems faced by residents in regards to speeding vehicles in Kettlehouse Road. I hope he can get his department to change their mind and take firm action to deal with this problem

Saturday, 14 August 2010


Maureen Byrne the Chair of the Oscott Elderly Residents Group has asked me to remind people that her group meets for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a bit of light entertainment once a month on a Wednesday at the 610 Community Centre Kingstanding Road .
Their next meeting with be on the 25th at 11.15am.

If you would like more details please ring 681 1826. Why not get out of the house for a bit and go along ?.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


It has been a long time a coming but there is some good news to report on Perry Common Library...... It is to reopen on the 23rd of August .

As you may already know due to the nature of the work needed to be done and the fact that the building is listed there have been a lot of delays in reopening the library but that is now in the past.

A new Community Librarian Jo Avery has taken over the reigns (she has been working at the library helping to prepare for its opening since the start of the month). I am sure she will do a great job once the library officially opens.

Perry Common will be re-opening to the public on the 23rd following major building work. The library looks excellent and will be a real asset to the community and the constituency again.

I would like to thank all those involved in getting the Library ready for action again. Major repairs have taken place structurally and internally a refit has taken place thanks in part to money given by the Oscott Wards, Community chest.

As a regular user of the Perry Common I am really looking forward to be able to use it again

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Along with representatives from the Police and the Fire brigade as well as Khalid Mahmmod MP I attended the meeting of the Oscott Residents Groups today.

I always find these public meeting interesting as it gives me the opportunity to listen to residents who are interested in the Oscott area.

Among the issue's raised and discussed with me as an Oscott Councillor were'

Parking problems in the area.
Speeding in many roads including, Cooksey Lane, Birdbrook Road, Dunedin Road, Kettlehouse Road and Kingstanding Road. ( The Police should be considering these roads for their Speed Community Watch initiative)
Tree pruning.
Burford Road anti social behavior issues.
The poor state of many of our roads.
Various environmental issues.
Those others who attended the meeting as guests also spoke in response to issues relating to them and I think we all found the meeting to be of interest.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I attended an Oscott Police Neighbourhood tasking meeting today along with officers from the Birmingham City Council and a number of Community Group leaders.

Some of the topics raised were speeding in KettleHouse Road, Cooksey Lane and Kingstanding Road. There has also been a bit of a crack down on speeding motor bikes in the area. Parking problems caused by the Metropolitan college were discussed. I explained action will be needed urgently by the Police if the car park is not finished in time for the new term.

The nuisance of ball games on the street is becoming an issue it may only be a matter of time until a child is run over.

Anti social behaviour in the Buford Road playing field area was another matter which was discussed.
I find these meetings with the Police useful as it helps keep various issues high on their agenda.


Following a number of complaints regarding the way the pavement in Dunedin Road was relayed earlier this year Councillor Barbara Dring and I have been making a number of complaints on behalf of Dunedin Residents about it. (I would like to thank all those residents who have been in touch with me over the last few months)
It has been my view that the replacing of the pavement was rushed and left a lot to be desired.
I have already had a number of mistakes repaired and have now been assured by senior Amey (the Council's contractor's) that the road will be inspected again.
If you live in or use Dunedin Road and have any further concerns about the new pavement please let me know 360 6486 and I will will continue to pass them on to Amey and the Council on your behalf.


There has been yet another accident on the Zebra crossing located on Kingstading Road near the Elmbridge Road junction.
On this occasion a lady and her dog were run over whilst attempting to cross the road on the Zebra Crossing on Saturday.
This stretch of Kingstanding Road is well known for speeding ( a petition has been presented to the Council) and Police Speed Community watch events have taken place at this location. I managed to have a 30mph speed limit introduced a few years ago on this part of the road.

However the Zebra crossing where this accident has taken place is unsuitable in my opinion. It is poorly marked and should be replaced with a Pelican crossing which is much more visible from both directions on this very busy dual carriage way.
A pelican style type of crossing would also help slow traffic down more. Along with local residents I am calling on the Councils Transportation department to take action and replace the existing Zebra crossing.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


This blog is only meant to show just a small amount of the things I am trying to do in Oscott for Local residents. (I also try and let people know what is happening in the Oscott area.)

I do believe in meeting residents face to face however and If you want to know more about the things I am doing or if you have a concern you would like to let me know about why not pop into one of my surgeries, which I hold most Saturdays at the 610 Community Centre, Kingstanding Road at 1o.30am. (The building is assessable for disabled users.)


The Queslett Nature Reserve is a lovely place and especially so at this time of year.
One of its draw backs at the moment however is it is difficult for some wheel chair users to get through the gates at the Ashworth Road entrance to the reserve.
The current gates were put in as they are to try and put off motor bikes as these are not suitable on the reserve and can be very dangerous to those who visit the reserve.

I am currently working with the Oscott Disability Group and other disabled residents to try and find a solution to this problem.
At the moment the current gates are to be modified to allow easier access for wheel chair users. However I am trying to get the Council to do more to help to find funding, in order to have more suitable gates put in, with a hard standing and a disabled drop curb near by.

Although clearly money is very tight at the moment I feel this gate should be changed as it would also help encourage schools with disabled pupils in wheel chairs and give them a better opportunity to visit the site if they so wish.

I am also working with the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve on this issue.