Tuesday, 3 August 2010


The Queslett Nature Reserve is a lovely place and especially so at this time of year.
One of its draw backs at the moment however is it is difficult for some wheel chair users to get through the gates at the Ashworth Road entrance to the reserve.
The current gates were put in as they are to try and put off motor bikes as these are not suitable on the reserve and can be very dangerous to those who visit the reserve.

I am currently working with the Oscott Disability Group and other disabled residents to try and find a solution to this problem.
At the moment the current gates are to be modified to allow easier access for wheel chair users. However I am trying to get the Council to do more to help to find funding, in order to have more suitable gates put in, with a hard standing and a disabled drop curb near by.

Although clearly money is very tight at the moment I feel this gate should be changed as it would also help encourage schools with disabled pupils in wheel chairs and give them a better opportunity to visit the site if they so wish.

I am also working with the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve on this issue.

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