Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Tonight there has been yet another car accident on the Queslett Road resulting in the need for the emergency services to attend. Two cars have been involved in an accident about 6.30pm tonight at this accident black spot. (remember the Amberline car ?)
Once again the accident was on the Sandwell side of the dual carriage way near the motorway bridge next to the Nova Court Junction.
Birmingham and Sandwell Transportation Engineers have had meetings with local councillors including myself earlier this year and agreed to improve the Queslett Road at this point. This was followed by the Sandwell Council installing a speed indicator sign (later removed as it was not visible enough?) and the introduction instead of poorly displayed drive safely signs.
Sandwell and Birmingham need to do something urgently on this stretch of the Queslett and fulfilling their promises would be a good start.
Over the years they have promised new sets of Traffic lights, curb improvement, new signs and so on. Despite numerous request for action by local Councillors they have not carried out these promises. It appears they are too busy passing the buck.
I will continue to work with Local Councillors from any party and Local community leaders like Bob Wild and Maureen Byrne to try and get something done.

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