Thursday, 29 July 2010


I have been ask to speak at a meeting of the Oscott Residents Groups on Saturday August 7th at the 610 Community Centre.11am.
I will be doing my best to attend although rather than speak I am much more interested to hear about the concerns of local residents. I understand the MP, other local Councillor's and the Police have been invited to the meeting


I have now collected a petition off residents in Kettlehouse Road ( re the need to introduce Road safety measure in Kettlehouse Road) and handed it in to the Council on thier behalf.
I would like to thank those who took the trouble to collect the names for the petition and those who signed it.
The Council does take time to respond to a petition but at least it has gone in now. I will remind them about it from time to time!
The problem of speeding on the Bandywood Estate is one I believe the powers that be are not taking seriously enough and I will be continuing to argue the case for some form of Road safety improvements to take place. I will ensure at the very least they understand the concerns of local residents and the matter is kept on their agenda.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I attended what turned out to be the inaugural meeting of the Ashgove Residents association (which I had at the request of the residents and with the help of Councillor Dring, organised)
I was pleasantly pleased to see that after an initial period of bickering about a number of issues relating to the use of the common Room, late night parties and other issues the meeting settled down some what, following my request that personal differences should be dealt with by means of mediation through the Birmingham City Council.
I am sure with good will and a lot of effort from all sides this approach may succeed.

More importantly the issue of letters warning residents which were delivered though out the elderly resident’s complex, by the Housing department were discussed. (These were about residents anti social behaviour and caused much distress to innocent elderly residents).
It was acknowledged by a Council representative, it had been a mistake sending these letters and an apology would be given by the Council.
The Council officers also informed the meeting that the Common room will, as requested, continue to be for the use of residents on the complex and not turned into a community Centre for the wider community. This will go so way to make the residents on the complex feel more secure.
Finally officers admitted there had been a number of mistakes in the consultation with residents.
I am pleased that at the end of the day the Housing department and the other associated departments involved have acknowledged mistakes have been made and I hope things can now move on.

Councllor Barbara Dring and I also did our best to try and persuade all of those attending the meeting, to put their differences to one side and in the future work together to bring harmony once again to the Ashgrove Complex only time will tell if this is to be the case.


I have just been reminded that there will be a Tea and biscuit session held by the Oscott Elderly Residents Group TODAY AT 11AM AT THE 610 COMMUNITY CENTRE.
There will be a chance to listen to live music and have a cup of tea and a biscuit over a chat.
I will also be there to listen to any concerns residents may have.



There seems to be some confusion regarding the 28 and 28a bus route.
The 28a service extension to One Stop is to be discontinued at Dyas Road and replaced by a 628 service.
This will operate between Dyas Road and One Stop via the Beeches. It will operate between 9am and 3pm after which it is replaced by the 952 service. It will operate until 4pm on a Saturday.
The 28 service will remain as it is.
These changes will mean those who have to pay bus fares will have to pay twice when changing to the 628 from the 28a which seems unfair and I have complained about this and the poor consultation regarding the issue to Centro and National Express (who are the private bus company running this service.).
I have been warning for some time that privatised bus companies drive for profits will effect bus users and this is another example of that.


A lot of youngster complain they have nothing to do during the holidays with this in mind this year the Oscott Ward Committee with recommendations from the Oscott Ward Advisory Board, gave some of their limited Community Chest funds to a number of youth orientated organisations. For more details ring 464 1869.

For example the 610 Community Centre have been encouraged to offer more for the youngster in Oscott to do.
The 610 hold youth clubs, Duke of Edinburgh Awards activities and so on.
Also at the 610 CC you can find classes in Street Dancing, Karate, Art and keep fit all at very reasonable prices. Why not pop into the 610 and get more details.

Monday, 26 July 2010


For some weeks now small groups of Travellers have been taking up home illegally in various places near the Oscott Ward. The Old Cross Way Pub site, Witton Lakes and more recently Perry Barr Park.
With this in mind I have been in contact with the Birmingham City Council and the Police warning that they should be vigilant less these travelers move onto sites in Oscott.

In Oscott we have had many problems with Travellers in the past ( they have left mountains of rubbish behind), which is why some areas like Glenmead Playing fields and the Quslett Nature Reserve have some barriers to help keep Travellers off the land.
However we can not be complacent and I would ask residents to contact the Police if they suspect Travelers are trying to get onto a piece of open land in the area.
There is a Travellers site in Castlevale which is underutilised and this is where they should go.

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Both Councillor Barbara Dring and I have received a number of complaints recently about noisy motor bikes being driven a speed in the Banywood Estate area. This is putting both the rider and other road users at risk.
Roads like Sundridge Road, Bandywood Road, Kettlehouse Road and Cooksey Lane seem to be having particularly bad times at the moment. It seems to me it will only be a matter of time until a serious accident happens unless something is done.
I have been in touch with the Police and have asked them if their Traffic Section can look into this issue. Warning need to go out to some motor bikers (and Scooter riders) in the area in my view at the very least. It is a shame that sometimes the well behaved motor bike riders get tarred with the same brush.
With the summer holidays fast approaching the Police need to deal seriously with this matter.

If you would like to discuss this issue with me please pop in to one of my Saturday surgeries 11am at the 610 community Centre.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


I do not usually write about my so called political opponents on my blog but in the case of Councillor Bob Beauchamp, Con (Erdington Ward) I will make an exception on this occasion.

Bob is I am informed is attending a Queens garden party today. Knowing Bob (he lives in the Oscott Ward,) is a fellow member of the Planning Committee and has an amazing knowledge about just about everything connected with buildings, he will know doubt give the Queen a potted history of Buckingham Palace. He will also probably be offering planning advice to her about any little extensions needed.
One thing I do know is Bob will enjoy the day and deserves the invite.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Frail and elderly residents living in an elderly resident’s complex in Birmingham have received letters from the Birmingham City Councils Housing department asking them not to act in an antisocial way. Residents as old as 90 have now received these letters.
I have along with Councillor Barbara Dring set about finding why these extremely distressing letters have been sent en mass to such elderly and vulnerable residents by Housing departments officers. Cleary such actions are unwarranted.
From early indications it would appear there has been a minor dispute regarding the use of an elderly resident’s common room by some housing officers and new residents. Instead of simply consulting with residents and clearing up any mix ups warning letters have been sent.
What ever the reasons the sending of these letters is not acceptable and I hope it is not a sign off things to come by the Councils Housing department.
Council Housing officers have also at a recent meeting at the Ashgrove Complex even informed residents they could not form a Residents Association on the Complex. Now with the help of Councillor Barbara Dring I am helping the residents set up their first meeting on Wednesday 28th July.
I am hoping this meeting may go some way towards healing the rift which has developed between the tenants on this complex and an element of goodwill will result from the meeting.

Friday, 16 July 2010


I have already been contacted by Oscott residents concerned about proposals by the Conservative/ liberal Democrat Government to scrap the free bus pass for 60 year old's and to put the age up to 65.
This will if it happens effect a number of Oscott Residents approaching the age of 60. I will be doing what I can to try and warn people of the consequences and hope the government will honour their pre -election pledges and resist this move. At present it is only in a white paper so
I would advice any one concerned about this awful and un- needed proposal to contact their MPS.


Work is now underway to create the much needed extra parking on the Metropolitan College Site, Aldridge Road (the Old Brooklyn college). After many years of campaigning with Local Councillors MIPS and local resident the news that this work should be complete by the middle of September is more than welcome. ( in time for the new college Autumn term) I am continuing to monitor the situation to try and ensure there are no slip ups.
I am sure you will hear more about this good news in certain leaflets which may start going out soon and people I have no doubt will be claiming this and that, but at the end of the day residents and shop keepers will be just pleased to get their nightmare parking situation resolved .
I am also asking that the College do all in their power to ensure students park on the college site and will also work with the Transportation department to that aim.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


At this time of year with the Summer Holidays fast approaching I am often asked by parents what activities there are for youngsters in the Oscott area. Well one I have heard about is learning about Break Dancing and Street Dancing. This activity is held at the
Great Barr Leisure Centre.

Great Barr Break Dance and Junior Street Dance

Every Monday ongoing programme:
from 5.15pm - 6.15pm ( Breakdance )
from 6.15pm - 7.15pm ( Junior Streetdance )
Ages from 8 - 18 years £3.40
Contact: Adam Tel: 0800 6122 725
OR Tel: 0121 464 0104 for details

It makes a change from the more traditional sports activities on offer.


I spoke to a number of youngsters who were using the new skate Board facility located at the Oscott end of Perry Barr Park ( Aldridge Road side) the other day and was pleased to learn how much they appreciate it.
Councillor Barbara Drings hard work to ensure this facility was built is certainly paying off.
I am sure youngsters will now be looking forward to the completion of the new complementary BMX track which is being built next to the skate board facility.


At a meeting with the Oscott Disability group I was pleased to agree to continue to champion their cause with the Council.
Disabled residents in Oscott should not be disadvantaged because of any front line cut backs that may be made by the Council and I am working with this group to do what I can to help prevent this from happening.
The ODG although only small in number do a lot to try and help disabled residents in this area, from organising trips for them to getting disabled dropped curbs placed at strategic locations and I have been more than pleased to be able to try and help them in the past.
For further details please ring 464 1869.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


From the end of August the 28a Bus will no longer terminate at the One Stop Shopping Centre. This bus will now terminate at the Dyas Road terminus. Those wishing to continue to the One Stop shopping Centre will now need to use the new 628 service which will shuttle between Dyas Road and Perry Barr one stop.
It is my understanding that this move is a purely financial one and there is little chance of changing the bus operator (National Express) mind. On an optimistic note give the legendary poor service this bus has given in the past it could not get much worse (or could it?)
For further details please contact National Express.


It is good to see a long last the carriage way resurfacing of Dunedin Road is nearly complete. Unlike some, I recognise the efforts made by many local residents and Local Councillors to get this far.
I do critise however the fact that all requests for sensible road safety measures be introduced to Dunedin Road have fallen on deaf ears.
Roads like Dunedin Road, Kettlehouse Road and the Aldridge Road are all in need of having road safety improvements but so far the current Council Administration are resisting all such callS. I will continue the battle for local residents however.

Monday, 5 July 2010


Sadly after accepting the Guidance of Planning and Transportation engineers, planning permission has been given for the erection of 10 industrial units which can now be build on the former Council depot land on Aldridge Road.
This land near Bridge and the canal bridge.
The views of myself and local residents who submitted a petition regarding the poor road safety record on the stretch of road, where extra lorries will now be using have been ignored. Those with knowledge of this stretch of the Aldridge Road will know the new entrance will be near a bend in the road known for speeding motorist.
It would seem the prospect of receiving 10k earmarked by the developer for work to be carried out on the near by canal out weighs and potential road safety issues which is a great shame. I have done what I can to warn of the possible consequences.
While I can accept in these times there is a desperate need for jobs it is a great shame other locations and empty units on safer roads could not have been utilised first.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


It has come to my attention that there may be other blogs out there giving the impression they may be mine. Let me please assure (you may well be relieved) this is the only blog about me and what I am trying to do in this area that is real and you can rely on.
The dead giver way will be the spelling.
If you want to comment on anything I post or just want get in touch with me about Council issues my email address is.


It was with sadness I found out that Mary Larkham the Head Teacher at the Goodway Nursery and Children's Centre is to retire in January after 26 years of first class service.
As a Goodway Nursery school governor for a number of year I have always found Mary to be an exeptional Head Teacher. Her enthusiasm and dedication has been second to none. Quite simply Mary has been the Goodway Nursery.
A replacement will be found over the next few months but whoever it is will have a difficult job to fill the shoes of Mary Lakham.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Local Websites

Our local MP Khalid Mahmood has a new website so have a look if you want to know what is happening in Westminster: