Monday, 26 July 2010


For some weeks now small groups of Travellers have been taking up home illegally in various places near the Oscott Ward. The Old Cross Way Pub site, Witton Lakes and more recently Perry Barr Park.
With this in mind I have been in contact with the Birmingham City Council and the Police warning that they should be vigilant less these travelers move onto sites in Oscott.

In Oscott we have had many problems with Travellers in the past ( they have left mountains of rubbish behind), which is why some areas like Glenmead Playing fields and the Quslett Nature Reserve have some barriers to help keep Travellers off the land.
However we can not be complacent and I would ask residents to contact the Police if they suspect Travelers are trying to get onto a piece of open land in the area.
There is a Travellers site in Castlevale which is underutilised and this is where they should go.

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