Monday, 5 July 2010


Sadly after accepting the Guidance of Planning and Transportation engineers, planning permission has been given for the erection of 10 industrial units which can now be build on the former Council depot land on Aldridge Road.
This land near Bridge and the canal bridge.
The views of myself and local residents who submitted a petition regarding the poor road safety record on the stretch of road, where extra lorries will now be using have been ignored. Those with knowledge of this stretch of the Aldridge Road will know the new entrance will be near a bend in the road known for speeding motorist.
It would seem the prospect of receiving 10k earmarked by the developer for work to be carried out on the near by canal out weighs and potential road safety issues which is a great shame. I have done what I can to warn of the possible consequences.
While I can accept in these times there is a desperate need for jobs it is a great shame other locations and empty units on safer roads could not have been utilised first.

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Anonymous said...

This is a pity as i know for a fact that quite a bit of wildlife was making its home on this site.