Wednesday, 30 June 2010


At this time of year many residents contact me about youngsters playing ball games in the street. It is a difficult problem to deal with as children will play ball games. However it can be dangerous when they play these games in the road, with the amount of traffic their is now. Also residents parked cars and gardens can get damaged.
To try and help with problem of keeping youngsters occupied the Oscott ward had given extra funding to the 610 Community Centre, the Mary Vale youth group and the Trehurst Centre. Hopefully this will keep youngsters off the street.
The Skate Board (fought so hard for by Councillor Barbara Dring) is also nearly ready for action, on the Oscott end of Perry Barr Park and I know many youngsters will want to use this to.
The bad news for residents is that there is now no new ("No ball signs being put up) these help remind youngsters not to play ball games in the street. The Highways are now not putting up these signs and I have had to contact the Councillor responsible for the highways in Birmingham to request a rethink.


This is the time of year the schools in Oscott all like to hold their summers fates. They are all worth supporting and I get around to as many as possible to spend my 50p's to help out.
On Saturday I popped into Mary Vales fate where it seemed to be going well. The staff and parents were certainly doing what they could to raise funds and the children were enjoying themselves.
Why not support your local school by going to their school fate.

Friday, 25 June 2010


At a recent meeting of the Oscott Ward Committee (these are where the 3 Oscott Councillors meet to discuss with residents and officer issues relating to the Oscott area) it was agreed that on behalf of all 3 Oscott Councillors a letter would be sent to the Cabinet member for Transportation asking his to look again at his departments decision not to take any lasting measures to deal with the road safety issues in Kettlehouse Road.
Councillor's Barbara Dring, Graham Green and I are all very concerned about the situation and hope measures to deal with this matter will be reconsidered. I am pleased to see in this instance all the Councillors in Oscott are working together to try and resolve this problem and agreed to my request for the joint letter to be sent.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


It is good to see the re surfacing work on the carriage way in Dunedin Road has begun. Many councillors across the political divide and years have worked hard along with local residents have worked hard to get this much needed work done.
That is the good news. The bad news is the quality of work is already being questioned by residents. Councillor Barbara Dring and I have for example had to report drains being covered up by tar mac.
Lets all hope that when this work is finished over the next few weeks it will be a job well done. I will be monitoring the progress of this work so if you have any problems with the work being carried out please let me know Tel 360 6486.


Due to the hard work and efforts of members of the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve (including the Aldridge Recreation Ground) Birmingham City Council Leisure Service officials have asked that the FOQNR take on a similar role for the Perry Beeches Nature Reserve. ( this located on the land next to the motorway at the end of Bowman Road.)
In response a small team of activists have with volunteers from other groups yesterday had a mass litter pick of the site. Some paths have also been pruned back and cleared.
Over 30 black bags of waste, old chairs, tables, wood and other objects were removed from the site.

If you would like to become a member of the FOQNR please ring 360 6486

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I would like to thank all those of you who are responding to my posts with E. Mails.
I have I think responded to all of you if not drop me another E.Mail please.
Any one else wishing to let me have there views or concerns my E. Mail address is

Saturday, 12 June 2010


I am pleased to be able to say that even more Oscott Youngsters will benefit from the Oscott Community Chest. There has now been a grant from the Oscott Ward committee of 3k to the Trehurst Community Centre Beeches Road.
The majority of the funds granted will be used to pay for more equipment like table tennis bats and tables to help keep youngsters occupies and entertained.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


As you may be aware a company called Amey have been awarded a PFI contract to manage and service our high ways.
As one of the perks! of this contract Local Councillors are being given a voice into what colour any new lampposts Amey replace are in the future.
From the colour chart I have seen they are all awful.
The colours are various shades of Black, Red. Light green. Grey, dark blue and Dark green.
It should be interesting to see which ward picks which colour.

Monday, 7 June 2010


Bus users may have noticed that since yesterday National Express have slipped in a increase in bus fares for those paying for a cash ticket. The £1.20 ticket for adults has now gone up to £1.50.
(for children 60p to 75p).
It will be interesting to note if the tax payer also has to subsidise the various free bus passes to take account of this increase. When you put this into context with the reduction in bus network coverage it blows out all the talk of being bus friendly in the Westmidlands area.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I have finally received a letter from the now former Councillor with Cabinet responsibility for Street Services Councillor Len Gregory (con).
Unfortunately his letter states that in view of the fact that (according his department) there have only been three personnel injury vehicle accidents in Kettlehouse Road and that the road secondary energy route for the estate no physical measures are to be introduced.

I find this unacceptable and the offer which is contained in the letter to put up signs about the 30mph speed limit and a bend sign are not enough. I am lead to believe that local residents are also is discussion with the Street Services department regarding this issue. However I am going to press on with my demands for more action to be taken. I am also when a petition residents have asked me to present for them is given to me going to hand it in to the Council.
The Police have as an interim measure agreed to use their volunteers and Community Speed Watch equipment in the Road and there will be a temporary speed indicator sigh installed later this year in Kettle House Road. Finally as part of my keeping up the pressure of the Street service department (see previous posts) I am continuing to ensure this matter is raised at various meeting with the Police and engineers.