Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Both Councillor Councillor Dring and Myself are still recieving complaints about street lighting in the Oscott Ward. many residents are puzzled why they have been told their street is going to have new street lighting but it has not been done.
Following the previous governments giving the Council funding for streets to be upgraded, the current council administration finally awarded Amey the contract to upgrade our streets with a 5 year program of works.
Street lighting improvement was one of the priorities. Sadly it appears in some cases Amey are falling behind with this program and some roads whose residents were told they were to have new street lighting are sometimes having to wait longer than expected.
Councillor Barbara Dring and I are trying to get Amey to get back on schedule and also to add more roads to the list for works to be carried out. You can see where your road is on the list by going the the Birmingham Web site and looking at their Highways maintenance program.

If you have any concerns regarding work that is in the pipe line or about how work has been done please contact me. em

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


As you may know Hedge Hogs are being less and less common.
They need our support.

For example if you happen to see a hedgehog roaming around during the day it is likely it is having a problem and you may need to call the RSPCA or Hogfields Hedgehog Rescue 78 Morland Road Birmingham West Midlands B43 7JH Tel:0121 360 8035 who are based locally for advice. You can also check out Hedge Hogs on the Web.

You can help hedgehogs survive by leaving out cat food for them to eat and during drier periods put out water. If you have a suitable wood box where they can hibernate leave that out too in some quiet section of your garden.
Finally if you are going to have a bonfire check out the stacked wood before you light it.


Delhurst Road Great Barr may face days of disruption due to it being resurfaced. The resurfacing work which is part of the previous governments road upgrade program now being carried out by Amey for the current Council administration.
Work is expected to start week beginning October 7th and may take 9 days. Those parents with children attending the Great Barr School or the Great Barr Junior and infants school are well advised to make other arrangements if they drop off or pick up their children from these schools by using Delhurst Road.

I was somewhat surprised to learn neither school had been warned by Amey about the closure of Delhurst Road, and the possible chaos there could be during pick up and drop of times.
I have now been in touch with the schools myself about this and I have requested Amey get in touch with both schools to give them more details. I have also requested that all work is carried out as soon as possible with the minimum of delay to residents, Parents and staff.


The FOQNR for reasons out side of their control have had to alter the date of their litter picking session. This will now take place on the Saturday 15th October. The other details are the same as on my previous post.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Its that time of year when i receive plenty of complaints about the menace of Conker (Horse Chess Nut trees.)
Most of use when we were youngsters enjoyed a game of "conkers" but sadly today conkers and their shells are regarded by many as a real nuisance.
For example the Horse Chess Nut Trees in Hawthorn Road and Kingstanding Road are large and shed many thousands of conkers and their shells, onto the pavement causing trip hazards and a mess. Sadly a few youngsters also think it funny to throw these conkers at elderly residents homes.
I have requested the Highways department to consider removing in a phased way, some of these Horse Chess Nut trees and replacing newer more sensible trees suitable for the highways.
I would however like to see replacement conkers trees being planted on open land sites where they would be more suitable.
Given I am constantly asking the Street Cleaning department on behalf of residents to clean up the mess left by these conker trees I am sure in the long run this would be a money saver.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


There will be a meeting of the Perry Barr Constituency Committee . It will be held at the Tower Hill Library at 7pm. On the 22nd Sept
To be chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring.

These are meetings where all the Councillors from the Perry Barr Constituency meet together to discus Constituency wide issues and listen to Council officers reports.
Member of the public are welcome to attend and there is an opportunity for them to ask questions.

Some of the things on today's agenda are.

Children's and young peoples participation.
Perry Barr budget review
Ageing well. Adults and Communities.


The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve will be holding an autumn litter picking and clear up session at the Queslett Nature Reserve on Saturday October 1st.For all those members along with their family and friends who would like to make their contribution to helping the environment, the meeting will start at the Ashworth Road entrance at 11.30. The F.O.Q.N.R gladly encourages children to these clean ups session but in the interests of health and safety all children must be kept under strict adult supervision, Could we also remind our members and visitors to respect the residents living in Ashworth Road so if possible to park in Booths Lane to avoid congestion at the reserve entrance. The FOQNR are looking forward to a good turn out on this date to help clean up this beautiful reserve but must remind those who attend that the weather can be very unpredictable, so please make sure that the appropriate clothing and footwear are worn on the day.
If you are interested in joining the FOQNR please give me a ring 360 6486

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


The Boundary Review Committee have been directed by the Government to review the current Constituency boundaries. This is part of the Governments policy to reduce the number of MPs by 50.
Although many as may have suspected the results arrived at, as expected would be more in favour of the Conservative party, rather than any of the other parties, the Boundary committee has assured everyone their decisions are made independently of any Political party.

In Oscott's case the Boundary Commission has come up with the idea of including Oscott (Birmingham) with Great Barr /Yew Tree(Sandwell) into the Walsall South Constituency. ( this included Streetly, Pheasey Park farm, Paddocks and St Mathews all wards in Walsall.

I find if difficult to see any cohesion community wise in this decision and feel just taking numbers of voters in a constituency into account is ridiculous.
However for what it is worth we are told we can still have our say by contacting the commission on their Web site.

I personally believe that the deal has been struck and Oscott will become part of the Walsall South Constituency regardless of any comments made to the contrary. Who knows I may be wrong so please have your say.

However I would like to stress that Oscott will be in terms of Local elections remain as part of Birmingham and your Councillors will remain Birmingham Councillors.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


There will be a chance for members of the public to have there say about public Transport in Birmingham on Tuesday 20 September. 7pm.
There will be a Birmingham Transport Users Forum meeting to be held at Centro House 16 Summer Lane New Town B19 3SD (Floor 1 room 118)

There will be a chance to hear what is happening in the area from private Bus company
operators and also issues relating to Rail and Metro. The Police Safer Travel team will also be their.
Members of the public get the chance to have their say.


After months of delays and consultations and accidents? the Birmingham City Council have conformed that at long last parts of the College Road and Kingstanding Road are to have 30MPH speed limits and the appropriate signing put in place.

I was first informed of this earlier year but it has taken the Council authorities following numerous complaints months to give the finale go ahead. The change is now due to be put in place before the end of November.
(Kingstanding Road between Dyas Road and the Kingstanding Circle is becoming 30MPH like the stretch between Dyas Road and the College Road which had its speed limit altered some years ago.

If you are concerned about speeding and live in Oscott why not become involved with the Community Speed Watch scheme which the Police run in the area. For more details leave me a message on 303 2039.

Friday, 16 September 2011


If you are an elderly resident living in the Oscott ward and are having problems keeping your garden under control or have a small household job that needs sorting out there is help at hand.
The Oscott Ward Committee has donated 9 thousand pounds from its community Chest funds to enable Age UK continue with their Garden help project and Handy man scheme.
These schemes involve a one of garden clearance or doing an odd job around the house for an elderly resident.
Oscott Councillors have been supporting these schemes for some years and are more than happy to pass on details of residents to Age UK for help.
If you want to know more (or if you have an elderly friend or neighbour who would benefit from this scheme please contact me on 303 2039 and leave me a message.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I have been informed by Councillor Huxtable that (following pressure to get the work done from myself for some time) Amey the Councils Highways contractors have finally come up with the start date for the Templeton Road carriage way resurfacing.

The start date will be Saturday 1st October. and the work will take around 3 days to complete.
This has been an on going situation much too the frustration of a number of residents for some time. At least we now have a start time. There will be some inconvenience when the work is being carried out and IT WILL BE DONE BEFORE THE WINTER SETS IN.
If you have any concerns please leave me a message on 303 2039


A number of Oscott housing tenants have contacted me complaining about the high increase in Council housing rents they are having to pay this year.
In some cases it can be several pounds.
It comes about because they current Administration are using an old formula based back in 2000 when the annual cost increase in Housing rent was inflation plus a half percent. While inflation rates are low that formula works fairly well but with the increase in inflation we have seen in the past year, it needs re looking at again.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Honorary Alderman George Harper
It is with sadness that I advise you I have learned that Honorary Alderman George Harper passed away yesterday morning, following a long battle with cancer. He leaves a wife, Bronwyn, and family.
He was a Labour Councillor, 3 May 1984 to May 1988 for the Oscott Ward and May 1990 to May 2004 for the Kingstanding Ward.
George was very much of the old style Councillor in as much as he cared passionatley about the residents he represented and worked very hard for them.
I will always be greatful for the help and support he gave me when I first became a Councillor.
George had a great sense of humour and could alway be relied on. I like many others will miss him.