Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Both Councillor Councillor Dring and Myself are still recieving complaints about street lighting in the Oscott Ward. many residents are puzzled why they have been told their street is going to have new street lighting but it has not been done.
Following the previous governments giving the Council funding for streets to be upgraded, the current council administration finally awarded Amey the contract to upgrade our streets with a 5 year program of works.
Street lighting improvement was one of the priorities. Sadly it appears in some cases Amey are falling behind with this program and some roads whose residents were told they were to have new street lighting are sometimes having to wait longer than expected.
Councillor Barbara Dring and I are trying to get Amey to get back on schedule and also to add more roads to the list for works to be carried out. You can see where your road is on the list by going the the Birmingham Web site and looking at their Highways maintenance program.

If you have any concerns regarding work that is in the pipe line or about how work has been done please contact me. em

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