Thursday, 22 September 2011


Its that time of year when i receive plenty of complaints about the menace of Conker (Horse Chess Nut trees.)
Most of use when we were youngsters enjoyed a game of "conkers" but sadly today conkers and their shells are regarded by many as a real nuisance.
For example the Horse Chess Nut Trees in Hawthorn Road and Kingstanding Road are large and shed many thousands of conkers and their shells, onto the pavement causing trip hazards and a mess. Sadly a few youngsters also think it funny to throw these conkers at elderly residents homes.
I have requested the Highways department to consider removing in a phased way, some of these Horse Chess Nut trees and replacing newer more sensible trees suitable for the highways.
I would however like to see replacement conkers trees being planted on open land sites where they would be more suitable.
Given I am constantly asking the Street Cleaning department on behalf of residents to clean up the mess left by these conker trees I am sure in the long run this would be a money saver.

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