Friday, 27 May 2011


As you may guess it the Friday before a bank holiday and that the day my Council Email system breaks down. For the rest of the bank holiday I will not be able to send or receive emails wonderful.
If you are trying to get to me by email I am afraid you will face a delay. When and I hope not if repairs take place I will put a post on here. I would not except my Email (unlike me) to be working again much before Wednesday.
If you need to contact me you can leave a message on 360 6486.

Thursday, 26 May 2011


I attended a meeting of the Hawthorn Traders Association last night and as usual was impressed with their efforts to get things done for the Hawthorn Road and in particular their efforts to set up a Shop Watch Scheme

It is noticeable how most of the shops on the Hawthorn Road are taken despite high rents in some cases. I also believe that the coming of Tesco's and Herron store has given the area added optimism. I understand that a sadly a few more shops are about to close however I understand other traders are looking to rent shops on the Hawthorn Road.
Clearly the proximity of the large Tesco at the Beggars Bush and the ASDA at Queslett Road do have a major impact on the viability of local shopping area's but have been amazed at the way some of the smaller trading outlets have taken up the challenge so well.
It is my view with regards to the Hawthorn Road shopping area there are enough charity shops and take always now and other types of out let should be encouraged. However the shops that are on the Hawthorn Road are viable and can be so in the future.
Finally I would say too some traders you have a hard working Traders association and the more you back it the better the future of the Hawthorn shopping Centre will be.
Also local residents can help by considering using their local shops more or at some point in the future who knows we may well lose them.

Monday, 23 May 2011


I am advised that sections of strip lighting fell from the ceiling in the childrens part of the library on Saturday afternoon. Luckily no one was injured but this has now called into question how secure the light fittings are in other parts of the library. The light fittings in question appear to be original (older fittings) and not part of the capital improvement works carried out last year.
The Council's Urban Design and Health & Safety Officers visited this morning and sadly a decision has had to be taken, in the interests of every ones safety, to close the library until the lighting can be thoroughly checked throughout. Appropriate notices will be placed on the library entrance to re-direct service users to alternative libraries and an update to the Council library web pages will also be arranged shortly.
At the moment it we do not know how long the library will remain closed but Councillor Dring and I will do all we can to ensure everything will be done to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


I popped just across the boarder into the Kingstanding Ward today to see how some of the funding given by the Oscott Ward for the event was being spent.
I was pleased to see a number of Oscott residents there enjoying themselves.
The event had a fun and information theme which, as in year gone by seemed to blend together well.
The Police, Fire brigade and a number of other agencies were well represented and were doing their bit. There were also bouncy castles and stalls on display. which included yet again Jeanette Hart's, for the Air Ambulance.
Keith Airey and the other organisers really seemed to have done a good job.


As you may know both Councillor Barbara Dring and I do not believe in hiding away from residents and following the recent Local Elections we have agreed to continue with our regular surgery time table. By doing this we like to think Oscott residents can come along and not only tell us their concerns but also let us know on a face to face basis what you think of what we are doing for the residents of Oscott.

Just to remind you our surgery time table is as follows.

BD Tel 360 7565
1st Wednesday in month ( 7pm )at the 610 Community Centre.
1st Thursday in month (3pm ) at the Perry Common Library.

KL Tel 360 6486
Most Saturday mornings (10.30pm) at the 610 community centre.

You can also leave a message for us Tel 303 2039


Friday, 20 May 2011


I have been informed that at long last the promised 30mph speed limit campaigned for by Councillor Dring and my self is to to be introduced to the Kingstanding Road between Hawthorn Road and the Kingstanding Circle. I have also requested that some signs indicating the new speed limit be put in place.


One of the regular issues I am faced with is missing Landlords. Neighbours and even tenants often have problems getting in touch with landlords who own a property.
There are times when their assistance is required with a damaged fence or over grown garden for example and they can not be contacted.
Some Landlords just seem to appear when it is time to collect their rent and others often leave properties un let in almost ruins, for months on end.
Trying to find these elusive Landlords can be difficult even with the use of solicitors letters.

What is needed is a compulsory register of all private Landlords with their contact details , which can be easily available to the public. I am sure the many good Landlords would have no problems with this.
I have asked the Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood to look into this as it is a national issue and I am hoping he may be able to make some head way with the matter?.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Finally last week Booths Lane the worst of the horrendous pot holes have now been filled in.
Booths Lane (un adopted section) has progressed from being dangerous to just having a very uneven surface as indicated by signs I had put in place some years ago.
Residents and my self have been continually requesting the Council to remind the owner of the land to get this work carried out.
While I do recognise and welcome that the filling in of the pot holes On the Booths Lane (un adopted section) carriage way has been done, I will continue to press for the whole carriage way to be maintained to an acceptable standard.
I can however understand the financial constraints the owners of the road are under and the condition of the road was made even worse by a bad winter.
I have spoken to the owners and hope that the situation of the road will not be allowed to get into the same state again and they are certainly aware it would not in the interests of their customers if it did.

Friday, 6 May 2011


I have spent a couple of grueling day on the campaign trail and have been delighted with the result and having a much increased majority.

The campaign seems to have been fought honourable way by all concerned and I would thank my opponents for that as its good for democracy.

I would like to thank my Colleague Councillor Barbara Dring, Agent Keith Hansen, Campaign Coordinator Triston Chatfield and all those who have helped with Door Knocking, leafletting and so on. Most of all I would like to thank all those Oscott Residents who voted for me.

As I said in my leaflets I may no promises but I will do my best to help the residents of Oscott and the Oscott Ward.

Keith Linnecor Labour 3539
Maria Green Conservative 1756