Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Finally last week Booths Lane the worst of the horrendous pot holes have now been filled in.
Booths Lane (un adopted section) has progressed from being dangerous to just having a very uneven surface as indicated by signs I had put in place some years ago.
Residents and my self have been continually requesting the Council to remind the owner of the land to get this work carried out.
While I do recognise and welcome that the filling in of the pot holes On the Booths Lane (un adopted section) carriage way has been done, I will continue to press for the whole carriage way to be maintained to an acceptable standard.
I can however understand the financial constraints the owners of the road are under and the condition of the road was made even worse by a bad winter.
I have spoken to the owners and hope that the situation of the road will not be allowed to get into the same state again and they are certainly aware it would not in the interests of their customers if it did.

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