Thursday, 26 May 2011


I attended a meeting of the Hawthorn Traders Association last night and as usual was impressed with their efforts to get things done for the Hawthorn Road and in particular their efforts to set up a Shop Watch Scheme

It is noticeable how most of the shops on the Hawthorn Road are taken despite high rents in some cases. I also believe that the coming of Tesco's and Herron store has given the area added optimism. I understand that a sadly a few more shops are about to close however I understand other traders are looking to rent shops on the Hawthorn Road.
Clearly the proximity of the large Tesco at the Beggars Bush and the ASDA at Queslett Road do have a major impact on the viability of local shopping area's but have been amazed at the way some of the smaller trading outlets have taken up the challenge so well.
It is my view with regards to the Hawthorn Road shopping area there are enough charity shops and take always now and other types of out let should be encouraged. However the shops that are on the Hawthorn Road are viable and can be so in the future.
Finally I would say too some traders you have a hard working Traders association and the more you back it the better the future of the Hawthorn shopping Centre will be.
Also local residents can help by considering using their local shops more or at some point in the future who knows we may well lose them.

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