Tuesday, 27 September 2011


As you may know Hedge Hogs are being less and less common.
They need our support.

For example if you happen to see a hedgehog roaming around during the day it is likely it is having a problem and you may need to call the RSPCA or Hogfields Hedgehog Rescue 78 Morland Road Birmingham West Midlands B43 7JH Tel:0121 360 8035 who are based locally for advice. You can also check out Hedge Hogs on the Web.

You can help hedgehogs survive by leaving out cat food for them to eat and during drier periods put out water. If you have a suitable wood box where they can hibernate leave that out too in some quiet section of your garden.
Finally if you are going to have a bonfire check out the stacked wood before you light it.

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