Thursday, 3 June 2010


I have finally received a letter from the now former Councillor with Cabinet responsibility for Street Services Councillor Len Gregory (con).
Unfortunately his letter states that in view of the fact that (according his department) there have only been three personnel injury vehicle accidents in Kettlehouse Road and that the road secondary energy route for the estate no physical measures are to be introduced.

I find this unacceptable and the offer which is contained in the letter to put up signs about the 30mph speed limit and a bend sign are not enough. I am lead to believe that local residents are also is discussion with the Street Services department regarding this issue. However I am going to press on with my demands for more action to be taken. I am also when a petition residents have asked me to present for them is given to me going to hand it in to the Council.
The Police have as an interim measure agreed to use their volunteers and Community Speed Watch equipment in the Road and there will be a temporary speed indicator sigh installed later this year in Kettle House Road. Finally as part of my keeping up the pressure of the Street service department (see previous posts) I am continuing to ensure this matter is raised at various meeting with the Police and engineers.

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