Wednesday, 30 June 2010


At this time of year many residents contact me about youngsters playing ball games in the street. It is a difficult problem to deal with as children will play ball games. However it can be dangerous when they play these games in the road, with the amount of traffic their is now. Also residents parked cars and gardens can get damaged.
To try and help with problem of keeping youngsters occupied the Oscott ward had given extra funding to the 610 Community Centre, the Mary Vale youth group and the Trehurst Centre. Hopefully this will keep youngsters off the street.
The Skate Board (fought so hard for by Councillor Barbara Dring) is also nearly ready for action, on the Oscott end of Perry Barr Park and I know many youngsters will want to use this to.
The bad news for residents is that there is now no new ("No ball signs being put up) these help remind youngsters not to play ball games in the street. The Highways are now not putting up these signs and I have had to contact the Councillor responsible for the highways in Birmingham to request a rethink.

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