Wednesday, 28 July 2010


There seems to be some confusion regarding the 28 and 28a bus route.
The 28a service extension to One Stop is to be discontinued at Dyas Road and replaced by a 628 service.
This will operate between Dyas Road and One Stop via the Beeches. It will operate between 9am and 3pm after which it is replaced by the 952 service. It will operate until 4pm on a Saturday.
The 28 service will remain as it is.
These changes will mean those who have to pay bus fares will have to pay twice when changing to the 628 from the 28a which seems unfair and I have complained about this and the poor consultation regarding the issue to Centro and National Express (who are the private bus company running this service.).
I have been warning for some time that privatised bus companies drive for profits will effect bus users and this is another example of that.

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