Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Frail and elderly residents living in an elderly resident’s complex in Birmingham have received letters from the Birmingham City Councils Housing department asking them not to act in an antisocial way. Residents as old as 90 have now received these letters.
I have along with Councillor Barbara Dring set about finding why these extremely distressing letters have been sent en mass to such elderly and vulnerable residents by Housing departments officers. Cleary such actions are unwarranted.
From early indications it would appear there has been a minor dispute regarding the use of an elderly resident’s common room by some housing officers and new residents. Instead of simply consulting with residents and clearing up any mix ups warning letters have been sent.
What ever the reasons the sending of these letters is not acceptable and I hope it is not a sign off things to come by the Councils Housing department.
Council Housing officers have also at a recent meeting at the Ashgrove Complex even informed residents they could not form a Residents Association on the Complex. Now with the help of Councillor Barbara Dring I am helping the residents set up their first meeting on Wednesday 28th July.
I am hoping this meeting may go some way towards healing the rift which has developed between the tenants on this complex and an element of goodwill will result from the meeting.

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