Wednesday, 4 August 2010


There has been yet another accident on the Zebra crossing located on Kingstading Road near the Elmbridge Road junction.
On this occasion a lady and her dog were run over whilst attempting to cross the road on the Zebra Crossing on Saturday.
This stretch of Kingstanding Road is well known for speeding ( a petition has been presented to the Council) and Police Speed Community watch events have taken place at this location. I managed to have a 30mph speed limit introduced a few years ago on this part of the road.

However the Zebra crossing where this accident has taken place is unsuitable in my opinion. It is poorly marked and should be replaced with a Pelican crossing which is much more visible from both directions on this very busy dual carriage way.
A pelican style type of crossing would also help slow traffic down more. Along with local residents I am calling on the Councils Transportation department to take action and replace the existing Zebra crossing.

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