Saturday, 7 August 2010


Along with representatives from the Police and the Fire brigade as well as Khalid Mahmmod MP I attended the meeting of the Oscott Residents Groups today.

I always find these public meeting interesting as it gives me the opportunity to listen to residents who are interested in the Oscott area.

Among the issue's raised and discussed with me as an Oscott Councillor were'

Parking problems in the area.
Speeding in many roads including, Cooksey Lane, Birdbrook Road, Dunedin Road, Kettlehouse Road and Kingstanding Road. ( The Police should be considering these roads for their Speed Community Watch initiative)
Tree pruning.
Burford Road anti social behavior issues.
The poor state of many of our roads.
Various environmental issues.
Those others who attended the meeting as guests also spoke in response to issues relating to them and I think we all found the meeting to be of interest.

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