Friday, 22 February 2008


A number of concerned parents with children attending the Kingsland Junior and Infant School have asked me to present a petition on their behalf calling for the installation of a Pedestrian Crossing on Bandywood Road near their school.
I am more than pleased to do this as it backs up the campaign for road safety on Bandywood Road which is being so ably led by my colleague Councillor John Cotton.
Now that the Kingsland School has a new main entrance facing the Bandywood Road, lets hope this campaign pays off and the Current Council administrations Transportation department decide to take action before an accident happens. It is time the Council took road safety in the Oscott area seriously.

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Moaner said...

Great to see the new school going up. What a shame the Coucnil can't see fit to recognise this and put adaquate safety measures in place on the Bandywood Road. Its a Bloody disgrace.