Monday, 25 April 2011


Having been in touch with both Amey and Birmingham City Council officers recently I feel it is only fair to ward residents in Oscott not to get your hopes up to much with regards to promised road improvements.
Although a lot of the work being carried out is to a reasonable standards there is still a lot which leaves much to be desired. Roads like Templeton have had to be revisited and the so called up grade of the carriage way in Amblecote Avenue has turned out to be little more than a bit of crack filling.
Also trees which some are claiming will be replaced may well not be unless they are in poor condition and would have been anyway.

If i was a resident I would take nothing for granted especially at this time of year.?

If you have have a concern about proposed street upgrading in your road, tree replacement,new Street Lighting, pavement of carriage way upgrading please contact me on 360 6486 and i will give you the latest situation regarding your road and not simply wishful thinking.

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