Thursday, 19 July 2012


Scrap metal thefts are a real problem in the Oscott area. Most of us are aware that led is being stolen of our library and church roofs but I am still having reports of things like the metal no parking on the grass verge signs being stolen.
Alarmingly witnesses have informed me in roads like Birkenshaw and Brush Field official looking street workers wearing Amey like yellow vasts are taking these signs.
Amey have informed me their real worker wear yellow vests and leggings and all have ID badges with the Company phone number on it.
If you suspect that a theft of a street furniture item may be taking place you can contact Amey on 212 72000 to check if the workman moving an item of  metal street furniture are doing it legitimately or if you are shure they are not legitimately doing a job of work call the Police.
These thefts are costing council tax payers money lets try and stop it.
The government are at last doing something about scrap metal thefts by the way
NEW laws to prevent metal theft have moved closer after the House of Commons completed a second reading of Richard Ottaway MP’s Scrap Metal Dealers Bill.recently.

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