Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Parking around schools in Oscott has been a real problem for a number of years.

The Police have been forced to be involved, dealing with countless complaints from residents complaining about inconsiderate and sometimes dangerous parking by some parents when they are picking up or dropping off the children at school.

The Council has in a number of places put in physical measures but like the Police Government cuts in their budget have made things much worse for them to do much more.

The Police now have fewer officers (and it will get worse) to deal with parking problems around schools. Past government cuts in their funding has began to really bite.
There is also the issue of air quality near our schools which is made worse by cars idling when parked close to schools Air quality is a serious issue and causes many health issues and problems environmental when poor.

With this in mind I am calling a meeting with all the schools in Oscott, the Local Police and the Birmingham City Transport department to discuss the joint issues that effect all the Oscott schools.

All schools in the Oscott area are involved when it comes to parking problems around Oscott schools as there are always knock on effects. I will be asking schools for their concerns and to see how they have tried to deal with the issue.

I hope all schools in the Oscott area will take this issue seriously and work with me and other agencies to try and at least ease some of the problems.

I will also be asking that this subject be part of a future Oscott ward meeting in order for residents to come along and have their say.

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