Thursday, 14 January 2016


There are no easy answers when it comes to parking near schools the danger to children who we all have a responsibility to look after and the distress it can cause to local residents is well known.

Although the issue is caused in some cases by parents simply not thinking of the safety of children and problems they may be causing, it is up to schools and other agencies to play their part in trying to find solutions.

I would appeal to all the school in Oscott, please send a representative to this meeting which it is hoped will take place in early February. Your concerns and experiences are needed. This could be an opportunity for schools to learn from each other and for everyone to get involved more collectively in dealing with the problem. There are no easy solutions but in my case I would rather try and fail than to just sit back and do nothing.

I am pleased to say following discussions with Councillor Bridget Jones she has agreed that my initiative worthwhile venture and this could be something of a pilot for other wards in the city.

Residents will be kept informed and be given an opportunity to have their say at a follow up public meeting which we hope will take place in March

Also see post dated 15th December

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