Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I am still receiving a number of complaints from Oscott residents about dog fouling which is a great shame.
Dog mess is a real problem and sadly often creates friction with good dog owners( lovers)  who care about their pets and some residents who falsely blame them for the problem.
This is another reason why trying to get all dog owners to bin and bag (or take home their dogs mess)  is important.

Its a hard task to reach the small minority of dog owners who do not clean up their dogs mess.
There are more litter bins then ever in the Oscott area including litter bins on the Queslett nature Reserve  and there are plenty of warning stickers on lampposts so the excuses for not removing dog mess are extremely small.

I am continuing to ask the dog Wardens to do what they can but they have to cover a large area across the city. The fine for allowing a dog to foul in a public area without picking up has gone up.

If you know of a hot spot for dog mess please email me

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