Wednesday, 7 September 2016


The Governments Boundary Commission for England have now come up with their finale drawing of the map for Oscott re the 2018 local elections.

While I am aware that 2 thirds of the electorate may not be too worried as they do not vote at any local elections I am concerned about what the Governments Commission have decided to do.

I have always be cynical when it came to their objectives but I will keep my concerns on here to the Oscott Ward. My own view was there was never any need to alter Oscott clearly others may have different views however.!

They have decided to dismember the Oscott ward regardless of any community ties there may be, simply to get the numbers of residents ( numbers of) to fit the commissions artificial targets.
 They have shown no interest in the residents of Oscott as far as I can tell.?

In the simplest of terms they have added the South side of the Oscott Ward to the KIngstanding ward for the first time.

This applies to roads like Warren Hill Road, Oundle Road, Crossway Lane Anstey Road, Elbridge Road and the Brickiln estate for example. Luckily the Bandywood Estate has survived.
Please see the Boundary Commons webb for more details

 Sadly however they have added through the use presumably of someone who seems to have received a biro as a gift,  little zig zags in the boundary. This applies for  example and for some unknown reason to Marshall Grove and Blenheim Way.

There may be some who welcome these changes but I simply do not see the point as someone who has lived and represented this area for some years.
 Certainly one of the excuses made for the change it the boundary which was,  it should allow closer links between Councillors and residents will not be the case given Councillors across the city in many cases will now have to represent even more residents and the population of Birmingham and Oscott is growing..

Any way the decision is now made and the Government across the city and now  has had its way.!

I would however like to assure all the residents in the current Oscott Ward I will continue without making any promises, to do what I can to help them with any issues or concerns they have and to try and improve the Oscott area despite the horrendous cuts in council funding

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