Tuesday, 31 January 2017


It may be a new year but my campaign to get Amey Highways and the Birmingham City Council Tree department to prune the old overgrown trees in Oscott more heavily goes on.

However long it takes, this battle is one many residents want to win.
Like most resident in Oscott I fully understand the need to have trees in our roads. They have many advantages.
They reduce pollution, decrease flooding and roads with trees look much nicer.

However  some residents are being turned against trees due to the light pruning they seem get (if they are pruned at all.) in the Oscott area.
Many of our street trees overhang property, reduce drastically the light available which leads to a feeling of lack of security for some residents. In many cases tree roots are a problem and become a trip hazard.

 Even in the lightest winds there are reports of branches coming of these overgrown trees and falling onto cars and sometimes residents. It is only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.

With the support of my Council colleagues Barbabara Dring and Tristan Chatfield as well as many Oscott residents I have held public meetings on the subject of trees. I have handed in petitions, attended site visits and Lobbied our MP regarding tree pruning and replacement.
I have also sent in countless letters to Amey Highways , the BCC Trees section and the Cabinet member responsible for tree pruning.
AS a result Amey Highways have agreed to do a full street survey of the trees in Oscott, some trees have been removed and replaced and a few streets have had tree pruning done but not enough.

I do not accept the current tree pruning standards which I understand the Council have ( which are compared to the  Governments own standards) are being implemented as they should be. I have seen trees in near by authorities better ( more heavily pruned and would imagine they follow the same standards.

I do believe tree officers are dong what they believe to be the best they can in good faith, but I disagree with their conclusions.

I would like also to see more overgrown old trees replaced in a sensible way with more suitable trees. We need trees in our roads but they need to be the right ones.

If you would like me to pass on your concerns about a tree near you I would be happy to do so I clearly cannot promises a resolution but am willing to try and help if I can. Please Email me Keith.Linnecor@Birmingham.gov.uk

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