Friday, 16 February 2018


I have learnt today that the Kingstanding Police Station may be closing altogether.

For some time the station has been closed to the public but the back rooms have been manned by officers doing various work including the Local Police team meeting with local community groups..

This use has had at least helped keep a Police presence in the area.

Government cuts to Police funding are really creating a lot of problems, all around.  Oscotts Local Team neighbourhood team has bee reduced by half over the last few years. Residents are already saying they never see a Police Officer in their road. I have written to the Police Commisioner on this matter. We need more officers.

What makes things even worse is the proposed closure of the Sutton Coldfield Police Station.

The Government urgently need to rethink their cuts.

           Just for information
 Lloyd House is the HQ of WMP, not just the PCC. The work being carried out their at the moment allows WMP to exit other buildings and will pay for itself in 6 years. Reserves are not £100m and are planned to be spent by 2020 (apart from necessary reserves). And the Tories have cost us 2092 officers & 429 PCSOs.
 As ever be ware of fake information being put out by some for cheap political gain.

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