Wednesday, 27 June 2018


It looks like it is official we are going through a heat wave in Oscott with tempretures around the 30 degree mark.
This being the case please, if you can, check on any vulnerable people – such as older neighbours – and relatives

Plus here are some everyday top tips for staying cool in a heatwave:
  • Place a bowl or tray of ice in front of a blowing fan
  • Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day
  • Eat small meals regularly: your body warms up processing larger ones.
  • Where lightweight cotton – and keep summery with whites and creams, which are more likely to reflect the sun away and keep you cool
  • Good old water: drinking cool glasses of it throughout the day can be enough to bring your temperature down
  • Hot air rises (as we are all aware when we watch parliament on the TV:) but seriously consider sleeping  on the floor – or even head downstairs – if you’re getting desperate to escape the heat
  • Rinse your wrists: washing either your wrists or feet with cold water before you hit the hay can really help
  • In fact, there are plenty of pulse points around the feet and ankles: so dunking your feet into an ice bucket can help take your temperature down quickly
  • Remember to try and keep you pets cool and give the plenty of water.
Out side the home
  •  Try and keep in the shade for example use the shade of street trees when going for a walk.
  •  Use sun cream.
  • Wear a hat.
  • Be careful if using areas like the Queslett Nature reserve where a discarded cigarette can cause grass fires.
  • Never use a barbeque or lite in the Queslett Nature Reserve of a similar nature
  • Don't swim in the Queslett Nature Reserve lake.
  • Never leave your dog in a hot car even for a few minutes.
  • Don't let your dog go in the Queslett lake it can be dangerous.
  • Take a bottle of water with you when you go out.
We do not get that much hot weather in Oscott so lets try and keep safe and comfortable when we do.

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