Monday, 28 January 2019


In the Oscott ward many properties have rear access ways at the back of them. Many of these access ways have gates which should be locked when not is use.
Locking these gates helps reduce crime, fly tipping and gathering of those intent in carrying ASB.
Always lock these gates.
If you do not have a pad lock along with the Oscott neighbourhood Police Initiative I may be able to supply a heavy duty combination pad lock on a first come first served basis.
Please email me if I can help.
It is also a good idea to ensure your boundary fencing is in good condition and your garages and sheds are locked. You could also try planning prickly bushes by your fencing.

Please note rear access ways in most cases are private and the responsibility of residents the Council is not responsible for them. Neighbour should try a cooperate over their maintenance.

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