Monday, 15 March 2010


Although it is good to see the Council finnally getting to grips with Dunedin Road (we are still pushing them to get other roads in th area done) there have however been a number of complaints about the standard of the replacement foot ways be installed at the moment.
I have already requested a number of inspections regarding dips in the footways which cause puddles and the surface itself appears to be slippy.
It would appear that cost cutting may be going on and the Council are more concerned about getting the pavements done just before the Local elections? Perhaps I am just being cynical?

Councillor Barbara Dring, Khalid Mahmood MP and I along with other councilors past and present have worked along with local residents to get Dunedin Roads pavements repaired. (Work is expected to start on the carriage way later this year.)
I therefore find it quite humorous that some people seem to think they alone have worked the oracle. It takes all sorts and there will always be some who think residents are daft!.
However both Councillor Dring and I will continue to complain about the situation as much as we need to in order to try and get a good job done.

See also my post Jan 11th

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Anonymous said...

A certain graham green is claiming credit for this work and that he also negotiated with the highways engineers.Me thinks he is above his station in fantasy land