Tuesday, 16 November 2010


At comparatively short notice I attended a meeting with senior Metropolitan college officials (the old Great Barr James Watt College on Aldridge Road.
They were kind enough to give me the latest update re their development plans with particular regards to increasing car parking on the site.
Phase one is now all bar complete and a hundred new car spaces have been found. One of the problems is the contractorS on site need to use some of the car parking available.
Phase 2 will begin soon and should be finished in about 12 months. This could include up to another 100 car spaces. There will also be a new coffee shop on site which should help encourage students to stay on site.
The College officials have agreed to attend a public meeting which I will be arranging with other Oscott Councillor, Barbara Dring, Councillor Green, Council Officers and the public it is important all concerned understand what is proposed and is going on. At this meeting the College officials will give an update and the meeting is likely to be in the New Year.
In the mean time I intend to continue to work closly with Council Officers and College officials to try and resolve any issues which come up.

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