Saturday, 13 November 2010


Templeton Road may be subject to closure during the week ending 19th November due to a number of concrete bays needing substantial repairs.

Bandywood Crescent near Kingsland School will be subject to road closure during the weekending 26th. November . This will be due to major structural work and repairs to the carriage way.

Meadthorpe Road will be subject to closure during the week ending 26th November due to substantial repairs too some concrete bays on the carriage way.

Repairs are not being undertaken along the whole of these roads. Following my informing the Highways department, miss leading road signs indicating road resurfacing work on these roads is to take place are to be removed. The Highways have acknowledge they have made a mistake putting out these incorrect signs and have agreed to replace them.

Sadly it is not the case that these roads will be re surfaced at this time however both Councillor Dring and I will continue the battle to get them done in the future.
The work which is done is urgently needed and is as a result of continued complaints by various Councillors in the Oscott ward and local residents.
If you have any concerns regarding this matter please contact me on 360 6486.

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