Tuesday, 1 March 2011


From today those wishing to take rubbish to Holford drive in Vehicles of 3.5 tonnes gross weight, large vans, pick ups, or trailers of a certain size unless you have a permit.
If you do get a permit it will only be for the hours 8am to 2pm on week days.
You will have to fill in a permit which will last for 1 year.
You need to read the permit application very carefully as there are very Draconian measures of enforcement.
You will also only be able to use the permit 6 times in any one year and if you have a car as well as a van registered to your household you will not be able to have a permit although you may be able to apply for one off visits to the tip.
There are many more rules this whole thing may prove to be counter productive and to be a fly tippers charter.

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