Monday, 11 July 2011


One of the most common complaints I am receiving at the moment is with regards to having a drop curb installed.
Where pavements are being reconstructed as part of the much trumpeted street upgrade program residents are being offered large discounts.
This is ok but where streets are not being done or at least are not being done for a long time, these drop curbs are still costing, those who want one, a small fortune (and if trees or other amenities have to be moved as well I mean a small Fortune.)
If that is not bad enough I am hearing from residents that they are paying in good faith and having to wait ages to have the work done.
Clearly this is unacceptable and I have contacted senior Highways officer and the cabinet responsible asking them to look into this.

Money should not be exchanged in full if the council can not for fill its side of the contact promptly and it is a disgrace that they are holding on to residents hard earned money for months without the request work being done. The system needs to be sorted out.

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