Tuesday, 19 July 2011


After seeing a small note in a recent report to the Birmingham City Council regarding a Queslett Golf Course master plan I called for more details.
I have now received an indicative plan of possible future developments on the site.
These include a Private nursing home/ private hospital. along with, a convenience store, Dental practice, Pharmacy, Hairdressers and Nursery.

There would also be access roads from Sandy Lane and extensive further housing developments. The plans currently available show the in filling of the rest of the Booths Lane unadopted section and the retention of part of the golf course at the rear of the site.
Clearly these plans are in the early stages and I have already had the agreement from the Planning committee that all aspects of the plans should they be brought forward will be rigorously examined and further the Planning department will remain in touch with any developers intimating their concerns regarding the methane producing area near by and so on.

Although as I have indicated this is still very much in a EARLY discussion stage, now we are aware of it both Councillor Barbara Dring and I will be monitoring the plans and keeping residents involved.

The Planning department have assured me this is at a very early stage and no plans have been approved.

If you would like to see the indicative early stage plans for this site I will have them with me at my Councillors Surgery on Saturday. This will take place at the 610 Community Centre Kinstanding Road at 10.30am.

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