Thursday, 11 August 2011


A number of residents will have received or will be receiving letters from Amey (the street contractor) informing them for various reasons trees are being removed from near where they live and to give information regarding parking arrangements and so on when this happens.

This is happening because the trees have outgrown their locations and are causing damage to the foot ways. Amey will replace the trees with younger, healthy trees of an appropriate species. A notice will be placed on all affected trees identifying the reason(s) for removal.

The work will take place in most cases over the next few months. Following the tree removals, footway reconstruction works will be arranged.

Access to your property
You will be able to get to and from your property during the proposed works, but access may be restricted at times. If you have any queries during the work, please contact the City Council customer care helpline on 0121 303 6644. or if urgent and out of hours 303 4149.

A number of new trees will be replanted but not all in the same locations as those which are removed from however.

Both Councillor Dring and myself will also continue to press for sensible tree replacement to continue in the future for residents who have problems with trees, which are not being replaced during this round of replacements.

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