Friday, 5 August 2011


Having attended what was supposed to be the AGM of a newly recreated Oscott Housing Liaison Board last night I wonder why I bothered.
The last HLB (this is a group of tenants and some homeowners who work as a team for the local community trying to improve things for tenants and improve the area they all live in, simple?) fell apart mainly due to what I considered political interference and Housing officers wanting to control the Board. This was a great shame because it had ran well for a number of years.

The only difference I could see last night was all the Councillors (both parties) wanted to ensure any new board was run correctly. Sadly only a small number of tenants and homeowners turned up and the meeting was something of a shambles.
There is now going to be another attempt to organise an HLB, but although I think the few interested residents and their Councillors are doing what they can, it may be hard going.

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