Saturday, 1 December 2012


Now the dark nights are with us it is very important to make sure your communal rear access way drive gates are locked.
Open gates are an open invitation to vandals, fly tippers and crooks. Cars are also abandoned in rear access ways and it is best to prevent this by locking access way gates and reminding your neighbours to do the same.

I would also advise that if you have to buy a new pad lock to secure these gates that you buy some spare keys to ensure everyone who should have a key has one and too replace any lost keys at a later date.

I would also recommend replacement pad locks or keys are of good quality and that a lock smith may be the best person to speak to there is one on the Chester road for example (see Internet) or speak to the Police.
ALL RESIDENTS WITH ACCESS RIGHTS NEED TO BE CONSULTED IF YOU REPLACE A PAD LOCK (unless it has the original keys) and any new residents should also be given a key.

Pad locks should be chained to the gate. There are also now good quality Combanation pad locks available but all resident ned to have the number.

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