Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Sadly due to industrial action by some member of the Councils Salvage department members black bags put out in some roads in Oscott will not be collected until the next time they are due to be.

I would suggest to residents that in future they do not put out (and ask their neighbours not to as well) their black bags together in a communal pile in the road.
I would also suggest that residents simply leave their black bags only at the edge of their property from now on.
This would help in the future by meaning residents could take in their own bags if need be in the future, should holidays, low levels of salvage department staff, or industrial actions happen again  in the future leading to missed collections and we would not see mounds of black bags on our street.

Piles of black bags left on our streets does not look good and leads to confusion when it comes to identification. Also those residents who have properties where often these bags are joined together have to put up with the inconvenience they cause at the best of times.
I have also asked that the Council look at considering  giving out this advise in the future.?
I am aware many Salvage crew operatives pile bags together ready to be picked up but that is acceptable as the bags would be collected shortly after.

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