Thursday, 31 July 2014


 I have been asked by a couple of residents who were not able to get to any of the site visits arranged by the 3 Oscott ward Councillors what work is being carried out on the Burford Road Playing Fields site.
I hope the information below helps. Also see my July 18th Post.

5.1          The works proposed for Burford Road Unattached School Playing Field are as follows:-
·       New 2.45m Zaun anti climb fencing and gate on the Kingstanding Road entrance with an inner second set of anti climb gates and fencing.
·       The concrete base will be broken out; topsoiled with site materials and seeded this will stop the anti social behaviour currently experienced by the residents.
·       Grounds to be re graded to 1 in 3 gradient along the boundary of Burford Road and Stowell Road to allow easier maintenance and negate the need to spray off bank.
·       Installation of new 2.45m high Zaun Duo fencing along the boundary of Burford Road.
·       Relocation of 2.1m high galvanised palisade fencing from the Burford Road boundary to   the
     side boundary of Stowell Road.
·     Details are shown on the attached plan. Appendix 3

Benefits of this scheme will be the improvement to the infrastructure of the playing field within the Oscott ward, it will also enhance the area through improved atheistically pleasing boundary treatment which will provide the site with an improved presence.

5.2           The Council is the landowner for the works proposed in this report and therefore Education and Skills Infrastructure have the ability to exercise control over the delivery of the proposed works and meet their objectives within the resources available. The Planning Application was submitted on the 24th March 2014 and a positive outcome is expected. 
5.5       The works will be procured through the Landscape Construction Framework 2013-15. The      works are planned to commence at the beginning of August and complete by the end of September.        

I am please this work is going to be carried out shortly it is a long time coming but when you remember the un costed  promises made by others I think the length of time it has taken is more understandable.

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