Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I have received a number of complaints recently about blue and green boxes being scattered all over the pavements and carriage ways and gardens in the Oscott area. This is the trouble when they are emptied and left on the pavement. The wind gets up and they blow all over the place.

I have even (yesterday) now had one of these boxes blow into my car as I was driving along the Aldridge Road. I have received similar complaints from other residents over the last few months.

I will be asking the Salvage department if they can ask the crews that collect the recycling boxes if (especially in windy weather ) they can after emptying the boxes consider putting the boxes in residents gardens.(if there is ID on the box). However the problem with this is the time it could take?

It has to be said the other problem in windy weather is the amount of litter on our streets due to the paper and so on blowing out of the boxes when they are put out for collection.

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