Thursday, 2 July 2015


Anyone who has been away for a few days will often have come back to a mini mountain of unwanted /solicited advertising material. To make things worse this material has been delivered umpteen times in the past.

A leaflet/ advertisement put through the door now and again is understandable but when the same thing or something almost identical is posted through your door over and over again it becomes maddening. The Post Office add to the problem through no fault of their own by having to put the same adverting letters through you door over and over again.

Putting a notice on your door "NO free adds or charity bags please" has little or no effect in my experience.

I am clearly not saying the odd leaflet advertisement should not be delivered but there in my view needs to be some restriction after all our recycling pods are only so big. It is not only the resident who should be made responsible for recycling.

I have asked the Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood, if anything can be done nationally about this issue and reminded him that the issue of over packaging of goods generally (food and so on) has never really been dealt with? and I have also made senior Council officials aware of the impact this has on recycling.

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