Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Sadly despite warnings and requests there is still a minority of dog owners who do not pick up their dogs mess. These do not realise the effects this mess can have on residents. Mothers having to clean the mess off their children's shoes or the house carpet, residents playing football on sports pitches with dog mess on them for example. There is of course deceases spread by contact with dog mess.
many of the pound shops in the area sell doggy bags so there is no real excuse these days for not picking up dog waste. There is a heft fine for those spotted by a dog warden not picking up their dogs mess.
It is a shame a fairly small number of dog owners can bring criticism to the majority of dog owners who do the right thing.
I am continuing to call on the Dog Warden Service to monitor the Oscott area as a deterrent against dog fouling. If you are awre of a problem please let me know. Email or leave a message on 303 2039

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