Tuesday, 10 May 2016


As Oscott residents may know, at the instigation of the government, the Boundary Commission for England have been seeking views from, resident groups, political parties and local residents on proposals the commission have put forward to change local ward boundaries.

The aims of the review are to justify the reduction in the amount of locally elected Councillors in Birmingham by creating a hotch potch of newly drawn up double and single member wards to fit a new 101 number of Councillors.

The Commission have now put forward what is believed to be their finale recommendations for residents across the City including Oscott to comment on.

If you want further information on this process or to make comments on these latest Boundary Commission proposals you can find out more by going on the inter net https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/5688

It is sad in my view that Oscott has to be broken up in anyway, but the matter is out of the hands of your local councillors and  we will have to deal with what we are given
I can assure you however, whoever is an Oscott resident now and at the end of the process, will receive the best service we can give regardless, of the outcome of these changes.

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